WRLAW Held a Successful Workshop on Competition Protection & Monopoly Prevention Law to BE’AH


On the 2nd of August 2021, WRLAW held an online workshop addressed to BE’AH employees to discuss the Omani “Competition Protection and Monopoly Prevention Law” which was issued in 30/11/2014 (Royal Decree 67/2014).

The Workshop was conducted by Ms. Ahoud Al Maashari, Advocate and commercial legal consultant at WRLAW, Ms. Al Maashari introduced the law and the reason of its issuance, she also pointed on prohibited agreements that effects the competition practice in Oman and the prohibited actions of market dominance.

The workshop included a clarification of monopoly conduct and when such conduct is considered illegal and had provided some examples from practice to differentiate between the legal monopoly and illegal conduct.

At the end of the workshop, administrative procedures and penalties had been outlined for non-compliance which can result in imprisonment up to three years and a fine equal to the profit obtained.



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